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Posted on 13. May, 2008 by in Bouldering Videos

Here is some video from our road trip of Angie climbing the classic Bed Wetters V9, at Little Rock City. Enjoy.

5 Responses to “LRC”

  1. Martin

    13. May, 2008

    Nice vid, and such a graceful climb!

  2. das bpc

    13. May, 2008

    sooo wanna do this one some time… looks like a very nearly perfect boulder problem in movement and stone.

    psyched for more !

  3. Anonymous

    14. May, 2008

  4. Anon

    16. May, 2008

    The music doesn’t kick in for a few seconds, I turned up the volume thinking it was just low and almost wet myself when it started. 😛

  5. campusman

    18. May, 2008

    thats why its called bed wetters

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