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New 8C in Magicwood

Posted on 09. May, 2008 by in News

More news from Magicwood, as it has now come into season. Just a few weeks before Daniel Woods is to leave Europe, he finished off his project in the Darkness roof at Magicwood. He called the new problem In Search of Time Lost and has graded it 8C. The Darkness roof is an extremely steep over hang, very similar to the infamous CATS roof, where Daniel has spent much time training. It is littered with very small, but positive incut crimps. Previous to Daniels ascent, Dave had put up The Left Hand of Darkness, an 8A that starts on a jug and heads straight out the roof. In Search of Time Lost powers out the left side of this massive overhang. Nice Job Daniel!!

3 Responses to “New 8C in Magicwood”

  1. campusman

    09. May, 2008


  2. greg

    09. May, 2008

    seems to me woods and graham are destroying europe at the current moment!

  3. dr. phil

    10. May, 2008

    would this be Bernd Zangrel’s ”closed project” that DG mentioned in his problog?

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