Barbara Zangerl climbs 8A+/B

Posted on 07. May, 2008 by in News

Magic Wood

Barbara Zangerl has made the first female ascent of Pura Vida, given 8B, in Magic Wood, Switzerland. Pura Vida is a classic problem and a quick search on shows that more climbers than not have registered it as 8B including Dave Graham, Bernd Zangerl and Gareth Perry. Others, like Ty Landman and Andreas Barth suggest 8A+. Either way, an impressive ascent of an amazing problem and perhaps the hardest boulder problem climbed by a female.

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  1. Climbing Narc

    07. May, 2008

    Jamie – Do you have any sort of ranking for which areas in Switzerland you liked more than the others? How are the Swiss areas for problems in the V7 and under range?

  2. entropy

    07. May, 2008

    I remember this is the problem that Natasha suggested Angie should get on. Did Angie get a chance to try it and, if so, what were her thoughts on it?

  3. jamie

    07. May, 2008

    Each area in Switzerland was unique and awesome in its own way. There seems to be more hard problems than easy, however, we estimated there were between 3500-4000 problems in the four areas we went to, so about 3 times as many problems as there are in Hueco. Angie did try Pura Vida and did all the moves in about half and hour. She never went back due to the excessive snow that was in Magic Wood the entire time we were there.

  4. chetroy

    07. May, 2008

    Thats awesome Barbara, and props to Angie for figuring the moves so fast. Love seeing the progression.

  5. das bpc

    08. May, 2008

    dear madrock and prana, please send angie to magic wood for a long weekend.

    thanks and best regards, straight to your faces
    — das bpc

  6. campusmang

    08. May, 2008

    second that sfa


  7. Natasha

    12. May, 2008

    Dear madrock and Prana, please send Angie AND Natasha to Magic Wood for a long weekend.

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