The Afterthought

Posted on 02. May, 2008 by in Bouldering Videos

Here is a quick video of the problem I put up in Joe’s Valley. It’s up above the Warm Up Boulder on the hillside. There is a nice project to the right. Nothing amazing, just something fun and new on good black rock. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “The Afterthought”

  1. Nando

    03. May, 2008

    Hi from Catalunya (Spain)
    Nice boulders,…..I like to see where you climb and enjoy with your posts. Ther are a few interesting place’s to boulder here in Catalunya and nearby, if you have chance it’s worth knowing.

  2. chetroy

    04. May, 2008

    The Afterthought looks like it has some really fun movement. Nice line Jamie.

  3. Lee

    05. May, 2008

    pretty sure i did that like 4 years ago without a pad. my dog saw it

  4. das bpc

    05. May, 2008

    i smell a memory dab.

    lee’s dog did it 4 years ago without a pad. lee saw it and went into a jealousrage coma whereby his ability to update modump fell into a catatonic state.

    i know this. i know things.

  5. Lee

    06. May, 2008

    All I remember is doing a couple short problems just like those, then taking an actual s#$@, then hurting my finger real bad on that two finger pocket left of Eden. I was dehydrated from the s%$#, but before that I am pretty sure i wasn’t hallucinating.

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