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The last day of our trip we headed up to Castle Rocks, Idaho. Castle Rocks is very nearby City of Rocks, the famous roped climbing area, and our goal was to check out a James Litz problem called Warpath V14. Mike Call and (SLC) Tyler gave us the tour. The scenery is spectacular and it was a perfect place to go at the end of the trip.
It’s about 3 hours from Salt Lake City. Southern Idaho is gorgeous this time of year. City of Rocks has to be one of the most pleasant climbing areas I have been to. Granite spires and boulders are everywhere.


It is a perfect mix of Red Feather, Bishop, Black Hills and Mt. Evans. Mike took us straight to the roof and I was blown away. Warpath is one of the most incredible lines I have ever seen. This is certainly an outstanding contribution from James, and one of the best problems of its grade I have ever seen. It begins with a V11 boulder problem and then breaks hard left into three consecutive V10 problems. The rock is very nice sculpted granite and the holds themselves are amazing pinches and sloping crimps. Isaac Calderio was with us, and he made a nice flash of the stand start, which a brilliant problem in itself called Out of Africa. I was psyched for the V11 and Isaac, myself, and Jess all managed the one day ascent.

IZAK getting it done.


Ty gave several good efforts at the whole problem to no avail, suggesting that it was probably in the V14 range.

Tyrone on the Warpath V14

I think we were all very impressed with the quality of that one boulder. It was sad leaving Idaho, not only because of the outstanding climbing we left behind, but our road trip has come to an end. How can I even being to convey the glorious feeling of traveling and exploring for 6 months? I am thankful to be back safely and I look forward to a time when I may live the simple life again.

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  1. climbing narc

    01. May, 2008

    Awesome trip, it has been a lot of fun to follow along.

  2. tissuetendons

    01. May, 2008


  3. dr. phil

    01. May, 2008

    how big is the roof that Warpath is on? I can’t seem to get a perspective of the size. Looks amazing though.

  4. campusman

    01. May, 2008

    this site isnt weakmo

  5. peter

    01. May, 2008

    Welcome back to the not-so-simple life Jamie. I’ve definitely enjoyed following things on the blog

  6. joel anderson

    02. May, 2008

    Thanks for the motivation to take the time to post your adventures. I was in school this year and could not take any long road trips, so I followed along with yours. The pics and videos were very inspiring.

    Maybe I’ll see you on my summer road trip…. Joel

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