Joe’s Valley

Posted on 28. Apr, 2008 by in Joe's Valley


We decided to head west for the last few days of our trip, to Joe’s Valley. Joe’s is a great place to unwind, and we spent the last few days there repeating some old classics and putting up a few of our own.

Angela did the second female ascent of Jitterbug Perfume V10/11, which is a gorgeous, black, pocketed face up in the Right Fork. She climbed very well, and after trying it one day last year, did it on her first try on the second day of attempts this year. I was also psyched to finish that problem and after a few attempts at the mantle, I finally figured out a sequence which made it quite easy. There are some nice pictures posted on




I was more psyched on cleaning up some new things and I managed to put up a nice problem in the Right Fork. Yuri Kimball took me up to a gorgeous wall with several projects. I sent the left line but the right line remains unclimbed. It was a pleasant few days and now we are headed up to Idaho with MC, Tyrone and Isaac.

9 Responses to “Joe’s Valley”

  1. Max

    28. Apr, 2008

    radical rock. you staying in CO for the summer?

  2. EPB

    29. Apr, 2008

    Nice dood. You guys gonna try the Warpath??? Wanting updates.
    So is that new wall in the photos of Joes as short as it looks? It looks nice but only 4 feet tall.

  3. mike

    29. Apr, 2008

    hopefully skipping that taco cave chosspile and heading straight to riggins

  4. EPB

    29. Apr, 2008

    BTW, Yuri is the man!!!

  5. wade david

    29. Apr, 2008

    I have seen this boulder, it is just up hill from the Warm-Up boulder, oh shit did I just give it away!

  6. Natasha

    30. Apr, 2008

    is it just the picture or are those climbs like 4 feet tall?

  7. jamie

    01. May, 2008

    The picture makes them look much shorter than they are, there is a terrace that you can’t really see. This is not some amazing ethan pringle highball, just something nice I was shown and did.

  8. Natasha

    01. May, 2008

    looks like amazing features.

  9. Natasha

    01. May, 2008

    Oh, yeah. Congrats to Angie on Jitterbug!

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