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Posted on 21. Apr, 2008 by in RMNP

Today was a great day and Rolson, Brian Camp and I went up to the Park and we all climbed Veritas V11 from the sit start. This is an outstanding problem on good rock. It is one of the more proud lines in Colorado and very much not my style. I had tried it a couple days last year so it was nice to go up and do it on my first day this year. Angie made, I believe, the first female ascent of the stand start which goes at V9 or so and Kelly McBride did it right after her. Well done everyone. Tomorrow we head to Utah.

3 Responses to “Veritas”

  1. baron "big poppa" von chosscrush VII

    21. Apr, 2008

    wow. we thought that rig would be out of commission for weeks based on the 2-4 feet of snow around and on it last weekend. this is good news that despite the late snows, things are drying quickly. nice work to all of you…angie, kelly, camper, rolson, and the jemerson gang ascents!

  2. das bpc

    21. Apr, 2008

    a v8/9ish thing on american soil that’s at the top of my list for this year and that i want to do super badly….. I WILL NOT BE JEALOUS. I WILL LET IT GO and just do my work today without fretting about not having attended veritas session. I WILL NOT CRY THAT I WASTED TIME AT PURITY CONTROL AND CASTLEWOOD DOUBLE SESSION CAUSING ONLY PAIN. I WILL NOT GO INTO A JEALOUS RAGE………oh darn….. JEALOUS RAGE !!!!!!!! JEALOUSY FLOWS FORTH IN MOLTON RAGE LIKE LAVA DOOM UNTIL JJ-CANO BLOWS ITS TOP SENDING RAGE ASH ALL OVER THE LANDSCAPE AND KNOCKING DOWN TREES LIKE ST. HELENS!!


  3. campusmanq

    27. Apr, 2008

    i did this dyno and im calling it the Crow
    i have the second ascent, the dude from Colorado who put it up a couple years ago never named it, word, he is in the city now. (detroit).
    starts on this long slopey/flat edge that you gotta flex grip on with your right hand and crimp on with your left hand, low feet all the way to a large flat hold.
    im calling it the crow cuz i saw a huge crow after i did it, it was flying high above the cliff line above me and landed on a branch while knocking some snow off the branch, also because after dynoing so high off such bad holds, when your hand finally hits the flat gritty sandstone hold your hand will grip the hold so well its like using a crow bar
    peace out, a town down

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