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Posted on 10. Apr, 2008 by in Fontainebleau


As we get more and more time to explore the forest we have seen many amazing problems. My favorite sectors are away from the road tucked into the woods with a handful of nice problems on great rock. We have been limited by the weather which is a bit frustrating, and somehow our grand European adventure is down to 6 days. After several rest days the forecast looks good for tomorrow and I am psyched to get back on the rock. Here are some pictures of from the “magic forest”


Ange on a nice 7A

Olson sends Salle Gosse a great 7C at Rocher aux Sabot

Olson and I have had a couple great sending days. Last week it was an amazing overhang Fata Morgana low 8A+ or 8B, at Coquibus Long Vaux. A very majestic problem. Today, Chad and Dave joined us for a nice session and Ryan, Chad and I all did the very beautiful Les Beaux Quartiers 8A at Rocher de Bouligny.

Les Beaux Quartiers 8A

Fata Morgana low 8A+/8B

2 Responses to “Fontainebleau”

  1. Mandy

    11. Apr, 2008

    Looks like you all are having an awesome bouldering trip! Angie was a camper of mine a long time ago at Camp Ernst in KY. You all are welcome to come stay with my husband Frank and I if you want to hit up the Frankenjura. We live 25 minutes away from Action Directe and have plenty of room at our house. But, since you only have 6 days left, I imagine you’ll want to spend them all in Font. Maybe your next trip over to Europe… Send me an e-mail if you all need a place to stay in the Frankenjura, we should be here a few more years.

  2. bleausard

    11. Apr, 2008

    If you have time do check out Rubis sur l’onge in Gorges aux chats. It’s a spectacular 7b+ that’s rarely been done by women (Lisa rands and Lynn Hill are proud exceptions).

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