New 8C in Fontainebleau

Posted on 07. Apr, 2008 by in News

Dave Graham has added one of the hardest problems in the forest. No name on his new roof at Coquibus Rumont, but I believe he will suggest 8C. Last night I got to see some video and it looks amazing, with huge moves and very good rock. Well done!

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  1. eb

    09. Apr, 2008

    Congrats to Dave ! All his FA everywhere he goes are really inspiring, eventhough I can only dream of them 😉
    Is the Toit d’Orsay (ie link of “Quoi de neuf” part 1+2 ) next for him?

    Thanks Jamie for a very nice blog and all the great pictures !

  2. Climbing Narcissist

    09. Apr, 2008

    Where’s the clandestine JE footage a la Ondra on Dreamtime??

  3. mike

    09. Apr, 2008

    Video huh? When do we get to see???

  4. chetroy

    08. May, 2008

    That vid on mvm is crazy. The body tension looks ridiculously super. Awesome Dave. Makes me want to try hard, thanks.

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