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Our time here is Switzerland has come to an end. It has been a near perfect 5 weeks of granite bouldering. Magic Wood became snowy again and so I was left to try and clean up a few things close by before we head to Fontainebleau. Ryan and I both climbed The Riverbed, an amazing 8B in Magic Wood, Angie did Teamwork 8A and Petit pas Tapen 8A (in a day) and Daniel did Confessions 8B+ at Cresciano. Our last few days were incredible and we enjoyed perfect boulders in the day and pizza and wine in the evening. Ticino gets my vote for the best granite bouldering in the world. I can’t wait to return.

Rolson on Arete with Pocket 8A, Chironico

Olson on a nice slab in a mountain meadow

Daniel on Confessions 8B+ at Crescaino

The Black Arete 7C+


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  1. entropy

    03. Apr, 2008

    Wow! What a trip that must be so far. Thanks for all the pictures and updates. I’m looking forward to reading about Font. Send everyone, send!

  2. mervo

    03. Apr, 2008

    Please provide pictures of all CH0SS you encounter. My jealousy is at an all time high, and I need to be reassured that there is choss in all parts of the world. Pictures of bullet stone are no longer allowed.

    Have fun in Font.

  3. Phil

    03. Apr, 2008

    hey guys!!thanks for all the great news on this blog:))are there some videos from your gret trip in swizzy?would be nice to see some of your boulders..peace

  4. chetroy

    03. Apr, 2008

    Was fun to watch you guys in Switzerland. The Black Arete looks rad. Psyched to see Fontainebleau.

  5. Max

    04. Apr, 2008

    shiny happy people.

  6. Tim

    04. Apr, 2008

    how did black Arete go? Scary??

  7. adrian

    07. Apr, 2008

    thanks for your motivating blog and keep on postin´ as many pictures as possible! don´t forget to visit franchard cuisiniere and to send karma! have fun at fonte!

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