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The other day the youngin’ Adam Ondra made the first one day ascent of Dreamtime 8B+, the classic Cresciano boulder. Here is some underground video for your enjoyment.

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  1. chetroy

    25. Mar, 2008

    Dang – This Adam dude is really stepping it up, very impressive. Is he the youngest to climb at this level?

  2. Kevin

    25. Mar, 2008

    I think Olson’s Riverbed ascent is more news worthy then this.

  3. jay-san

    26. Mar, 2008

    how about Jamie’s ascent of riverbed?

    regardless, a 4 hour ascent of dreamtime is quite noteworthy.

  4. david mason

    26. Mar, 2008

    Haha me too! Nice one Ginger G

  5. irish

    26. Mar, 2008

    thats hilarious.

    good effort on the sends boyz and girl

  6. mr.g

    26. Mar, 2008

    Hi ,
    it was funny to read comment :I think Olson’s Riverbed ascent is more news worthy then this.
    its like talking about bicycle or car.bike is riverbed and car is dreamtime.
    i think every move in dreamtime is harder than riverbed all together.i know so many climbers,also i did it,saying that riverbed is even not that hard for the grade.i can say is more like short route.

  7. jamie

    26. Mar, 2008

    Funny you should say that, as Olson was climbing very well on Dreamtime and did the stand start very quickly.

  8. hardforgrades

    26. Mar, 2008

    did he do Dreamtime in a day? that’s pretty sick…

  9. campusman

    27. Mar, 2008

    “the slowest ascent of dreamtime ever”

  10. adam s

    30. Mar, 2008

    i’d do it but i can only traverse right to left

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