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Switzerland continues to deliver, on the highest level. We have been climbing almost everyday and it feels amazing to be so on point. Everyday we climb it seems like someone climbs something 8A or harder. I climbed a very nice riverside boulder the other day called Ganymede Takeover 8A+, and Pinto and Angie both had great and inspring sends of Molunk, a perfect 7C. We spent the day playing by the river and enjoying ourselves on this incredible trip.


Today we went to Chironico and Olson and I climbed Serre Moi Fort 8A/8A+. This is one of the best problems at Chironico and one of the first hard problems there. Climbing some of these old Fredric Nicole problems here in Swissy is not unlike repeating the classic John Gill problems in the Front Range. Ange made quick work of Les Doigts Vert 7C+ and after falling off the first move, I did it second try. I also put some effort into a gorgeous problem called The Electric Ant 8B.


Electric Ant

Not unlike the Park, the number of quality hard problems here is staggering. Here are some more pictures. Enjoy.

Freak Brothers 8A+

Massive Attack 8A+

Photos by Pinto

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  1. Linus

    18. Mar, 2008

    Looks Good!
    When are you guys coming to Font?

  2. david mason

    18. Mar, 2008

    Nice pic on frek bros! Good sending guys keep it up! Hows electric ant feeling jamie? Its a quality looking line

  3. campusman

    18. Mar, 2008


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