Freak Brothers

Posted on 14. Mar, 2008 by in Switzerland

Yesterday was a perfect day at Chironico.

The snow had melted and the goats were roaming about.

I was psyched to try and finish up Freak Brothers 8A+. It is probably the best problem at Chironico. I figured out the moves on the first day and was ready to send. I did the hard match move a couple times but fell going to the lip as my feet swung out. I took about a half hour rest and then gave it an good effort. This time I held the swing and pressed out the commiting mantle. Here are some more picstures of this perfect problem.


Angie had a great day as well, climbing Dr. Med Dent 7B+, Dr. Pinch 7C+ (given 8A+ in the guidebook) as well as the classic 7B+ Tomahawk, which climbs an very interesting arete feature.

Afterwards, Olson climbed several 8A’s, Souviner and Komilator. It was a great day of sending at Chironico.

4 Responses to “Freak Brothers”

  1. Phil

    14. Mar, 2008

    strong men and woman, yeah!!!great!!!where are the pictures men?

  2. campusman

    15. Mar, 2008

    .awesome rest je

    good to hear u r following my training methods from the CONTACT page

  3. Eric Baumann

    15. Mar, 2008

    hey guys, an old friend of angie’s, eric baumann from cincy. I still live in salt lake, if you guys come through utah email me id like to climb with ya. email me at cheers, eric.

  4. Max

    15. Mar, 2008

    watch out for the Rolson zombie, jaime!!

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