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Its raining today and so we are resting. Here are some pics from the last few days. I have recieved many inquires about many of the problems over here. Here are some pics of one of the most popular, From the Dirt Grows the Flowers 8C. This problem is in Chironico. It starts with an 8B crimping sequence through some slippery crystals and leads to a hard 8A+ mantle. Although it has been tried by many, it remains unrepeated.

Sissyfuss 8A+/8B climbs up the left side, from a low start, Dirt Grows the Flowers climb up the middle.

Dirt Grows the Flowers climbs up the crystal band to a slopey topout.

The crystal band starting holds

Here are some other shots from our trip.

Angela on a classic 7C Molunk, Ticino

Veccia Leone an amazing 8B

Old Lion

Rolson on the river boulder.

9 Responses to “Switzerland”

  1. climbing narc

    10. Mar, 2008

    sick! thanks jamie. Has Mr. Woods tried FDGF at all?

  2. campusman

    10. Mar, 2008

    “8A+ mantle”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111


  3. ScottyG

    10. Mar, 2008

    Those crystals must be fun to tug on. Cool photos man!

  4. david mason

    10. Mar, 2008

    Hows Vecchia coming along Jamie? Its so cool eh?!

  5. gabor

    10. Mar, 2008

    nice photos! ive always been curious about the practice of the wild or whatever its called, chris’s boulder. have you seen that one yet? if you could get some photos of it that would be cool!

  6. mervo

    11. Mar, 2008

    nice shots jamie. that one of rolson is classic. continue having fun, and making me jealous.

    be safe, SEth

  7. the bpc

    11. Mar, 2008

    i’m sick of giving you guys props and positive encouragement. my jealousy has turned dastardly and threatening: bring back some swiss gneiss or there’s gonna be TROUBLE. heard if you smuggle it in tupperware wrapped in tinfoil, the swiss gneiss smuggling sensors cannot detect such smuggling.

    also note: the angle of angie on ‘the best v9 in the world’ really brings out the angle and style of the climb better. word to angle shifts. word to swiss gneiss. i’m really surprised, however, that rolson casts a black silhouette… figured it’d be burgandy at least, maybe lighter. hmm…. photoshop?

  8. the bpc

    11. Mar, 2008

    ps: bet the full resolution of some of these shots is mind blowing. the ones of you on the dosage 4 problem [correct?] are supar tight.

    i miss climbing.


  9. zonk

    13. Mar, 2008

    is ganymede takeover on the river boulder? what problem is olson on?

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