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The past few days have been great. The weather has been perfect and we are learning a little bit of Italian. Brian and Herm left this morning, but Daniel Woods has arrived and is staying next door. Here are some pictures from the last few days. Enjoy.

Rolson sends the stand start to Dreamtime 8A/8A+

Brian Capps sending Sweet Home Alabama 7C+, an amazing highball in the Extra Jump sector of Cresciano.

Angie sending That Goes Left, a fun problem given 8A in the guidebook but one that is probably more like 7C, Chironico.

Pampelmousse, 8A Ticino

Ryan Olson on the first move of No Mystery 8A+, Chironico

Yesterday I tried an amazing problem at Chironico called Freak Brothers 8A+. The problem starts with some easier moves to gain a good undercling. From there a huge move is made up and left to a nice crimp. Hand foot match the undercling and make a hard match on the crimp. A commiting move to the lip is followed by an even more commiting mantel. The line might be the best in Chironico. I am very psyched to return to this perfect and scary problem.




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  1. david mason

    07. Mar, 2008

    Nice pics man! You manage to get the toe hook to stick then?

  2. jamie

    07. Mar, 2008

    No I just toed in hard on the crimp on top of the undercling and went to the lip, feet cut and I held the swing.

  3. Nathan

    07. Mar, 2008

    Awesome pics! Thanks again for the motivating posts.

  4. climbing narc

    07. Mar, 2008

    What has the weather been like as far as temps? From the pictures it looks pretty comfortable.

    Love the updates!

  5. jenkins

    07. Mar, 2008

    SICKKKK!!!!! This place looks awesome. Keep on crushing

  6. the bpc

    07. Mar, 2008

    i know you’re neglecting to post pinto photos just to spite me.

    also, does freak bros have a hole underneath it, or is the scary part the potential for joint damage?

    every time i look at the swiss stone in photos, i weep softly.

  7. jamie

    07. Mar, 2008

    For some reason the move to the lip feels commiting, maybe because if you don’t do it you swing out a bit, and the mantel is a full value press out. The landing is a bit wierd, although very managable.

  8. jamie

    07. Mar, 2008

    Depending on where we go highs in the 50s and into the low 40s in the evening

  9. kai

    09. Mar, 2008

    we met us the last days in chironico. we were the loud group who made so much noise while our members get up the boulder problem. there you send the problem “schule des lebens”. so it’s very nice to find your amazing pics in the blog.
    see you.

  10. climbing narc

    09. Mar, 2008

    so when are we going to see some pictures of ‘story of two worlds’ and ‘from dirt grows flowers’????????????????????

  11. kai

    09. Mar, 2008

    here are my contact: cerro-torre@hotmail.com

  12. jay-san

    10. Mar, 2008

    i second that

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