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Yesteray we went to Chironico to get some good conditions and try some things I had looked at previously. I was really psyched on a couple of short power problems No Mystery 8A+ and its counterpart Schule de Leben 8B. I figured out the moves and sent the left one, No Mystery, quickly. The powerful, crimpy nature of the climbs at Chironico seems to suit my style well. I then began working the right one and did all the moves. I thought I may have a chance to do this in a day and I really went after it. I fell off the last move several times but finally latched it and held on in the fading light. It was a nice moment for me. It feels great to be so on point and have everything in its right place.

Schule de Leben 8B


4 Responses to “Chironico”

  1. Ingo

    03. Mar, 2008

    Great effort! Cool Pix. And the best thing: I’m gonna be there and try these in 5 days :-)))

  2. Nathan

    03. Mar, 2008

    Awesome job jamie. I cant wait to see some swizzy footage on mvm. Keep up the sending!

  3. Adam Lincoln

    03. Mar, 2008

    Benchmark for 8b? 😉 How’d if feel!?

  4. campusman

    05. Mar, 2008

    je is strongmo
    v12 and v13 in a day= standards

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