Posted on 26. Feb, 2008 by in Switzerland

Almost every day we go check out a new area, to try new problems, but yesterday we returned to Cresciano.


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  1. chetroy

    26. Feb, 2008

    Hey Yea, how is Dreamtime treating you? Psyched to see the send. peace

  2. climbingnarc

    26. Feb, 2008


  3. Nathan

    26. Feb, 2008

    Send that thing Jamie!

  4. blackarete

    26. Feb, 2008

    ryan, you need to try black arete!

  5. the bpc

    27. Feb, 2008

    black arete looks super ill, especially in the dosage video [3?].

    plz do ‘cellar door’ and ‘frogger’? from dosage 3 as well, fools… can’t even begin to describe how cool they look…

  6. jamie

    27. Feb, 2008

    Cellar door is not nearly as cool as it looks in the video and it is extremely scary, saving Frogger for the flash and it is highly cool.

  7. dr. phil

    28. Feb, 2008

    hey jamie, i’m a huge fan of the blog, and i’m psyched for you guys to be in switzerland! any chance you could take some pictures of dave graham’s thestoryof2worlds? i’m dying to know what it looks like / how the sequence works. hope you succeed with dreamtime!

  8. funk

    28. Feb, 2008

    for videos…

  9. jamie

    28. Feb, 2008

    that link has been there for a while under Swiss and German bouldering

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