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Yesterday we made our way up a long and winding road in an obscure valley in Ticino. All over Switzerland there are beautiful old stone houses. People live simply and with out the clutter and trash of typical American culture. After 45 minutes of driving we came upon a very nice cluster of boulders with perfect granite.



I tried several problems, including a classic 8A Marylin Monroe and an amazing 8B General Dissaray. None of us sent either line, and they were both challenging. I am sure that we will head back to this gorgeous valley in the next few days to put some more work into these great problems.

Brian Capps

Marylin Monroe 8A

I also ran up the hill and climbed Molunk, a gorgeous 7C (V9/10) on perfect rock. This is the best 7C I have ever climbed.

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  1. hayden

    25. Feb, 2008

    looks like a gniess to me based off the foliation. the same classification of metamorphic grade as rmnp but with a different parent material, likely more felsic (like a granite or pelite, so more Al, K, Si instead of Fe, Mg, Ca in the minerals). any interest in bringing a small piece back? went to ticino but before i started studying geology and i really enjoy learning about climbing areas. oh and looks like things have been going well for everyone, keep crushing.

  2. chetroy

    25. Feb, 2008

    Looks like all your days have been full of beautiful stone. Keep it coming, Hey Yea

  3. the bpc

    25. Feb, 2008

    capps’ finger better? has olson’s red remained unfaded despite the sun of west texas? does herm intimidate the local townspeople without even saying anything? do you have any video of pinto sending v7s? how’s angie crushing it amidst the strongmo boy crew? throwing down insaneo high heel hooks to skip pure beef moves?

    ya know, mcB let herm post on HER blog while in bishop. i believe you should let herm post here too to double up on posting.

    i’m getting so excited to climb again that i’m certain to injure myself in my first weekend out, so i’ve got to make sure you’re ready to supply the media to get me through another wasted spring/summer.

    you have responsibilities, jemerson, angie, capps, herm, rolson, pinto…. you have to see to the needs of your constituency!

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