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Posted on 23. Feb, 2008 by in Switzerland

Today was our second day of climbing and our first day of climbing at Cresciano. The rock at Cresh. is some of the best granite in the world and there are hundreds of great problems. The boulderfield sits on the side of a steep mountain about 10 min from our apartment. The road that winds up to the boulders is the steepest, narrowest road I have ever been on. We had another great session, and I managed the classic 8A La Boule. It was a bit warm, but I am starting to settle in a bit.

Olson on La Boullette 7B (which in America would be V8)



Herman sends La Boule 8A

La Boule

5 Responses to “Cresciano”

  1. wader

    23. Feb, 2008

    Got enough Zebra padz, nice sends Doooods

  2. Chaz

    23. Feb, 2008

    Did you guys have any problems getting all of those pads there? Suh-veet pics by the way.

  3. Adam Lincoln

    23. Feb, 2008

    S#$% son, organic takeover!

  4. mervo

    23. Feb, 2008

    HERM! Jamie, tell herm i said “whats up” and you need to send Helke that pic of all those Organic padz, classic. Helke would be proud.
    Peace, and safe climbing, SEth

  5. Spoon

    23. Feb, 2008

    jesus! have enough organic pads? that looks awesome!

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