Posted on 22. Feb, 2008 by in Switzerland

Yesterday was our first day out and we were all pretty jet lagged. I got close on a couple of very nice problems but the highlight of the day was Herm climbing Ganymede Takeover 8A+. Well done Herm!

Filmed by Jason Pinto

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  1. Scott

    22. Feb, 2008

    DO IT!!! NOWWW!!!! YEAHHHHHH!!!!!! lol… great job! That is some serious power going on there…

  2. climbingnarc

    22. Feb, 2008

    one day in swizzy and already JE is dropping the downgrade on things??

  3. the bpc

    22. Feb, 2008

    DANG! nice one herman! was that within 24 hours of arrival? great way to beat jet leg, eh? = v12s?

    also, wasn’t that rig sporting the thirteen banger a year or so ago?

    shit i’d give a lot to be at one of those sessions.


    note: i demand video of pinto sending on this blog.

  4. TOJO

    22. Feb, 2008


  5. originalflavor

    22. Feb, 2008


  6. PIzzle

    22. Feb, 2008

    For real – you guys are so demanding. Herm will “Do it” when he feels good and ready. He just happened to be ready that go!

  7. Logan

    22. Feb, 2008

    Nice send man! I was just screaming out loud in the library! DO IT!!!

  8. Bruno

    22. Feb, 2008

    That is so awesome, congrats Herm!!!

  9. Mike James

    22. Feb, 2008

    Yo we have your check for the rad problems set for the comp. You want us to hang onto it? Fn’ send Dream Time its in you my friend.


  10. Andre

    22. Feb, 2008


  11. jamie

    22. Feb, 2008

    Herm has been here for a few weeks, we just arrived.

  12. the bpc

    22. Feb, 2008

    yo: at least a few hours have lapsed without posting a video of pinto…

    remedy this right NOW!

  13. jamie

    22. Feb, 2008

    As with a lot of newer areas grades are all over the place here, but I think we would all agree that Ganymede is certainly no harder than V12

  14. Max

    23. Feb, 2008

    you are a BAD MAN, Herman the German…a BAD MAN!!!!

    way to rage.

  15. entropy

    23. Feb, 2008

    Wasn’t this one of the V13s James Pearson flashed? Good thing he has others.

  16. campusmang

    24. Feb, 2008


    je, are u projecting dreamtime yet?

  17. the younger german

    06. Mar, 2008

    This video is awesome. absolutely awesome. I watch it several times a day.

    Congrats big brother!


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