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After 30 hours of continuous travel, Angela, Jason Pinto, Ryan Olson and I have arrived in Claro, Switzerland. Brian Capps and Herm Feissner are staying just down the road. Of course, we drove up the extremely steep and winding road at midnight to see Dreamtime, which is unbelievably good. Our apartment is huge and motivation is at an all time high. So happy to be here with good friends.

Our front door.

Our back door.


5 Responses to “Switzerland”

  1. Daniel Miller

    21. Feb, 2008

    Hey Jamie! I’m living vicariously through you as I sit here with tons of med school work to do! Tell everyone I say hey!
    Dan Miller

  2. chuffer

    21. Feb, 2008

    Ultra wicked … you kids be safe and have insane amounts of fun!!!

    I’ll be tuning in for updates.

  3. chetroy

    21. Feb, 2008

    Dang dude, freakn awesome

  4. the bpc

    21. Feb, 2008

    incredibly excited for the whole crew. please be sure to send each of em my best, including the rival faction of capps/herm!

    in your absence i’ll be sure to establish a ton of v14s for you all to send upon your homecoming.

  5. joann

    22. Feb, 2008

    jamie, per usual, you capture the essence of the scenery : simple and pure.
    do i see vineyards just below your apartment?

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