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ABS Nationals

Posted on 17. Feb, 2008 by in News

The comp went off tonite, we were all really psyched about the routes and it was quite a show for the absolutely packed house at the Spot. Ryan Olson and Mark Hobson both climbed really well, as did Alex Johnson and Alex Puccio. In fact, Olson got the high point on Men’s Number 4, the hardest problem in the comp., besting Paul, Chris Sharma and Shawn McColl. Here are the results.

1. Alex Puccio
2. Alex Johnson
3. Paige Claasen

1. Paul Robinson
2. Chris Sharma
3. Sean McColl

Tuesday we leave for Switzerland. Psyche is at a maximal level!

7 Responses to “ABS Nationals”

  1. climbingnarc

    17. Feb, 2008

    Sick show! Nice work Olson and P-Rob.

  2. baron "big poppa" von chosscrush VII

    17. Feb, 2008

    psyched to hear that some quality folks got to top out the podium…. and that lil rolson did well, as well.

    safe travels, climbing, and crushing in the swiz to you

  3. campusmang

    17. Feb, 2008

    nice job rolson and probinson

    was dwoods climbing at flagstaff?

    nobody sets like jemerson

  4. margarita and rene

    18. Feb, 2008

    Please tell Angie that we miss her, and both of you a great and safe trip.

  5. Brian Solano

    18. Feb, 2008


    Drop those tapes off at The Spot for me. And send me an email to confirm that they are there. I’ll be traveling for the next week, but then I can come by and pick them up. We’re psyched to get the footage online!


  6. chetroy

    18. Feb, 2008

    Looks like may be right. Nice work Paul

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