ABS Nationals

Posted on 13. Feb, 2008 by in News

I am back in Boulder and we have begun setting for the 2008 ABS Nationals at the Spot. This looks to be a great year with the strongest women’s field we have had in a while (Alex Johnson, ALex Puccio, Page Classen, Angie, Lisa Rands, Emily Harrington etc etc) and in the men’s a showdown between Paul Robinson, who is the number one boulderer in the world, according to 8a.nu and the legendary Chris Sharma. I will update results as fast as I can. For more info, check out www.rockcomps.com

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  1. climbingnarc

    13. Feb, 2008

    So psyched to watch all the big guns. Can’t wait to see what you guys put together for the kiddies as well.

    Is DWoods going to be there?

  2. campusmang

    16. Feb, 2008

    je has done more v7’s than anyone in the world according to 8a.nu

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