Hueco Tanks

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The last week in Hueco has been incredible. After spending most of my time in the South on easier problems, I decided to put effort into something hard. The obvious choice was Slashface, a classic and historic V13 put up by Fred Nicole in the late 90s. A large jug broke off the end last year and has made the problem a bit harder than before. I used almost the exact same sequence Chris Sharma used to make the second ascent in the film Free Hueco. It took me few days to figure out the moves and yesterday I managed to send it. I can’t begin to describe how psyched I am to climb this beautiful boulder. I am ever motivated to have the opportunity to climb such amazing problems. Here are some pictures.




Afterwards we went over and I climbed Full Service, the first V10 in Hueco, and the standard for the grade. Full Service was put up by Dale Goddard and was originally named Serves You Right. It was probably the first time I had climbed two problems in a day off of my lifetime ticklist, and a good reminder of how hard V10 is supposed to be. It was a great day of climbing with good friends, a gorgeous sunset and a perfect sendoff before we head to Europe. I am ready for Switzerland!

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  1. betcha

    10. Feb, 2008

    climbing “easy” stuff in the south…then you send slashface…
    Slashface would be V10 in Rocktown

  2. entropy

    10. Feb, 2008

    Nice sends. Have fun in Europe and post lots of pictures.


    10. Feb, 2008


  4. Herman

    11. Feb, 2008

    Better get your footwork sorted before you show up. Brian and I have a circuit of problems 7b and below that will make you cry. For everyone you don’t do in three tries or less, you owe us a bottle of wine. Make sure Angie brings some tissues to dry your tears with. Also, better make room at the bottom of your card for all these lines we’ll show you.

    BTW-Great job with Slashface. The weather has been perfect. We’ve got the area sorted and know where many things are.

  5. chetroy

    11. Feb, 2008

    Awesome send, so rad. And Switzerland? – super!

  6. the bpc

    11. Feb, 2008

    sincere congratulations!!

  7. climbing narc

    11. Feb, 2008

    Solid work Jamie. Nice to see it all coming together for you.

  8. mervo

    11. Feb, 2008

    jealous, so jealous. nice work jamie.

  9. B. Kimball

    11. Feb, 2008

    Congradulations Jamie! I have always been really inspired by that line, maybe one day I will be strong enough to make an ascent of it myself. Too me it has always been one of the best looking V13’s that I have seen.

  10. Noah

    12. Feb, 2008

    Yo! Gotta love Hueco… I love reading your blog, dude. Tell Capps and Herm that Noah says what up. You all should come to Rocklands with us this summer! Ask Capps about Sierra Buttes and Castle Peak in Tahoe!

  11. campusman

    12. Feb, 2008


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