Rest Day

Posted on 04. Feb, 2008 by in Bouldering Videos

Today is a rest day, and a bunch of us are hanging out at Kristoph’s Coffee. Here is a great video someone dug up of a free solo attempt in Squamish, BC.

6 Responses to “Rest Day”

  1. chetroy

    04. Feb, 2008

    So freakn rad, is anyone else doing this?

  2. B. Kimball

    05. Feb, 2008

    He should most certainley practice this route WITH a rope first, NO?

  3. peter

    05. Feb, 2008

    the new “9a” airpad?


    07. Feb, 2008

    WARMING UP FOR WHAT?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????????????????

  5. climbingnarc

    08. Feb, 2008

    I think most people have more pressing things to do with their time…like actually climbing

  6. campusmang

    10. Feb, 2008

    like mantling and the professional pushups

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