Last days in the South

Posted on 02. Feb, 2008 by in The South

Our last days in the South were totally amazing. We climbed at LRC, Dayton and HP40. I was trying to finish up a couple harder things at LRC, including the Chattanoogan V12. This time I just couldn’t pull it out. I gave it a few goes from the start and when it didn’t happen I just decided to salvage the day by climbing on a bunch of easier things. Tyrone Biggums V10, Celestial Mechanics V7, Castaway Dyno V7, The Chronic V5, and White Trash V5. It was a great day and I was happy leaving Chattanooga.

The Chattanoogan V12

The next day we headed up to Dayton so Ange. could finish off her project Sandblasting Skin V8. The problem climbs out the right side of the massive roof on big spans and perfectly sculpted sandstone holds. She did the end a couple of times and fired it. I also quickly did the 4th ascent of Matt Bosley’s Crazy Craver V11. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to climb on any of the things I cleaned up, so I leave them, ready to go, for all of my southern friends.

Crazy Craver V11

The Dayton Roof

As we left Dayton, we got word that Ronnie Jenkins had climbed “the whole shebang,” the hardest line out the cave from a sit start. This is at least V12 if not harder and very cool.

Our last day was at HP40. I had nothing pressing to send, but Ange was psyched to finish off Slider V9, which she did in good form.

Slider V9

I just ran around climbing some amazing sandstone boulders, including Chattanoogan Plow V7, Ghetto Superstar V9, Boogie Wonderland V3, Skywalker V9 and Trick or Treat V6. It was such a fun day.

Ghetto Superstar V9

One final word about the sandstone experience. I must emphasize that if you are looking to pad your scorecard with big ticks, the South is not the place to do it. If you care about rock quality, movement, self-improvement, and a humbling experience then I hope you find yourself in the Alabama woods on a crisp winter day, high off the ground and about to fall, before reaching out to the most improbably rounded and sticky hold you have ever grabbed.


8 Responses to “Last days in the South”

  1. Max

    02. Feb, 2008

    preachin’ to the choir, JE, preachin’ to the choir…

  2. Herman

    02. Feb, 2008

    Angie –
    Looks like Jamie finally talked you into the collagen lip treatment. Nice touch! They’ll even out after the swelling goes down.

  3. baron "big poppa" von chosscrush VII

    02. Feb, 2008

    amazingly psyched for you and angie… especially angie putting the coup de grace down on her projects before departing!

    i’m sure hueco projects will distract you from the chatanoogan… muster and crush, son!

  4. chuffer

    03. Feb, 2008

    That foto of Ang is bad-ass Jamie.

    Happy and safe travels to both of you!

  5. chetroy

    03. Feb, 2008

    Good sends, everyone. Glad to see the trip was so magical. peace

  6. peter

    04. Feb, 2008

    nice write-up. is there anywhere to get any kind of topo for the dayton roof?

  7. originalflavor

    04. Feb, 2008

    dude, you and ang cleaned up hardcore on the south.
    i can’t believe all those lines went down in one trip. SICK!
    what better guide could you have, Ronnie jenkins is the man
    good send at the dayton roof Ronnie!!

  8. Tom Markiewicz

    05. Feb, 2008

    Nice pics! I’m planning to get down there this spring.

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