Hueco Tanks

Posted on 02. Feb, 2008 by in News

How time flies. We have moved on to Hueco Tanks and things are happening fast. Today Angie climbed Chblanke V11 on North Mountain. This problem was originally graded V12, but the consensus seems to be one grade less. Ang. had tried the problem a couple of days two years ago and then again last year over a weekend. This time she did it quickly on her second day of this trip. Well done!
Check out the pictures.



Boulder climber Jody Hansen did Chblanke last week in a strong effort.

3 Responses to “Hueco Tanks”

  1. campusmang

    02. Feb, 2008

    no pinkie

  2. Crafty

    02. Feb, 2008

    Nicely Done you two! sick lines fo sho.

  3. fred nicole

    04. Feb, 2008

    Actually fred originally graded Chbalanke V11, but after it went unrepeated for a while it got upgraded to “solid” V12. Then Patrick Edlinger repeated it and confirmed it at V11, but hard

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