Posted on 01. Feb, 2008 by in Updates

Momentumvm has the first installment of our footage from the south. Check it out. Psyched to get some of that footage out there finally and I must say the best is yet to come.

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  1. campusmang

    02. Feb, 2008

    Jamie u r the best in the world at some rocks

  2. Jimmy

    03. Feb, 2008

    nice man! congrats to angie on chablanke! We got on your proj. at dayton today! it was sick! didnt go. but close! im psyched man! if i end up doing it, its gonna be a tribute to all you’ve done! its truly a brilliant problem! hope to climb with you guys again soon! take it easy jamie!

  3. mc

    06. Feb, 2008

    part two is up. yep.

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