Woods Crushing in Switzerland

Posted on 26. Jan, 2008 by in News

Daniel Woods has made the first one day ascent of New Base Line V14 in Magicwood in Switzerland. Well done young lad. Maybe next up for young Daniel would be Bernd Zangerl’s Anam Cara. Once again, the Americans have proven themselves to be climbing at the highest level overseas. Here is a link to an old article from Climbing.com when Dave Graham made a very quick ascent of the New Base Line (see Dave Graham sends New Base Line).

3 Responses to “Woods Crushing in Switzerland”

  1. dr. phil

    27. Jan, 2008

    how about practice of the wild or never ending story?

  2. DT

    27. Jan, 2008

    Sounds like there may be a need for, yet another, new base line?

    JE, you gotta get to Switzerland, it’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, perhaps the topper.

  3. Jimmy

    31. Jan, 2008

    yo jamie. how was hp? Did you send the dayton face???

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