Posted on 25. Jan, 2008 by in The South

There are so many amazing projects down here. Today I went and rapped and cleaned one of the best lines I have ever seen. I found it a few days ago near Dayton. Here are some pics from todays events.

Perfect sandstone edges on a riverside boulder V12-V13?

Amazing hard project in the V15 range on the same river boulder

Gorgeous vertical face

Incredible 20ft face, probably V10-V13

A King Line?

6 Responses to “Projects”

  1. Jimmy

    26. Jan, 2008

    Yo jamie! Nice shots!
    Where are those projects?? you gotta take me to em.. or atleast gimme some info! are you guys going home soon?

  2. Max

    26. Jan, 2008

    oh. my god. where have these been all my life?

  3. Nathan

    27. Jan, 2008

    The last boulder is probably the most beautiful boulder I’ve seen. Wow.

  4. campusmang

    28. Jan, 2008

    those overhangs are sick

  5. chetroy

    30. Jan, 2008


  6. The Adventure Channel

    13. Dec, 2008

    Wow, these look really sweet!

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