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With the end of our southern tour approaching we headed back down to Horse Pens for another day on perfect sandstone. I was happy climbing on more moderate things just running around enjoying the day. The high yesterday was around 35 and dry, perfect conditions. Ang. and I warmed up on the classic problems Bum Boy V4 and Millipede V6.

Classic moves

Perfect rock


We then walked over and Ang did the classic problem Landslide V9. After falling off the very easy last move, she did it twice in a row. Very well done.


I was psyched on a very nice Randy Puro problem called HotnTot V10. I had tried it on a previous trip and fallen off the top several times. I think this problem should get more attention than it does and I was psyched to finish it off. Video is off to momentumvm.com, but here is a picture of me cleaning off the top, and more importantly the boulder itself.

HotnTot climbs the green bulge

We finished up the day on a bunch of great problems, Ang falling off the top of Slider V9 and me topping out the amazing Skywalker V9, and Bradiation a fun V9 campus problem. We also played on Mortal Combat V3, an amazing tall arete and some other fun problems.


Mortal Combat

It was a great day and I am going to be sad to leave the South.

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  1. Nathan

    25. Jan, 2008

    Jamie, I’ve been following your blog for a few months now, and I figured I would let you know that its my first site I visit every morning. You always have cool pictures and inspiring and motivating videos, and I figured I would give props for that. Every new post gets my psyched to climb, especially your recent posts on the southern spots. Thanks for the good site, and keep up the killer sending.

    Oh and by the way, thanks for turning me on to Organic Climbing, I just placed a huge order last week and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I can’t wait to start repping Organic in the Southeast. K

  2. Jimmy

    25. Jan, 2008

    yo jamie! nice shots. Glad you guys enjoyed it!
    When are you heading home?
    Got anymore time for the shield? Its getting prime!

  3. jamie

    25. Jan, 2008

    jimmy LRC tomorrow, we found insane projects at Dayton! so rad!

  4. Lee

    26. Jan, 2008

    Angie, nice job on landslide – those projects look sweet. Where are you guys headed next. i’m going to hueco on the 5th

  5. jamie

    26. Jan, 2008

    lee we are leaving here on mon., and will be in hueco from before the 5th until about the 10th or 11th. see you there!

  6. SG

    27. Jan, 2008

    Beautiful photos guys!

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