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Laurel Falls

Posted on 17. Jan, 2008 by in The South


Wednesday we decided to head out to a newer area known as Dayton. It is in central Tennessee. Most of the hard problems here were put up in the past two years and it sounded like there was potential for more. Just outside of town a dirt road heads up into the hills . In a matter of minutes, the rural countryside falls away, and the road drops into a beautiful river valley and a large parking area. A wide path parallels a gorgeous green river. There are boulders everywhere.

We made our way up the side of a steep hill to a large overhang.



The cave has hundreds of sculpted holds. Our tour guide, Ronnie Jenkins, shows us the best lines. It is peaceful at the cave and for the next few hours we have a great session with our small crew pulling down in the woods
Afterwords we head up the trail to check out a bunch of great new boulders.


I found several projects to go back to if we have time.

All in all, a great day, another great area to go check out, and more amazing problems to go try. Video of the cave shall appear shortly.

7 Responses to “Laurel Falls”

  1. chetroy

    17. Jan, 2008

    Hey Yea
    That stuff looks beautiful, and, What up Ronnie.

  2. danielson

    17. Jan, 2008

    Hey kids.. that’s rad you got to Laurel.. cool place, right? That cave is superb. Get Ronnie laughing about something good, he probably won’t stop for a couple hours – that was my experience anyhow… It’s very amusing. Ronnie if you’re checking this – shoot me an email – I’m headed to TN in late February.. psyched to go back to Laurel or some other spot..

  3. rjtrials

    17. Jan, 2008

    I love that cave…

  4. tendon

    17. Jan, 2008

    Whats is this “look at new boulders” crap.
    Get your ass a wire brush and get going…
    You gonna stare the lichen off or what?
    frickin shmamie…

  5. the bpc

    18. Jan, 2008

    very cool. salo bounced me a bunch of piks from that cave last winter/spring? that looked amazing. keep that one in the back of my dome if the missus ever gets me back east… it wouldn’t be far from the perspective outtabedlam family LZ.

  6. the bpc

    18. Jan, 2008

    oh yeah: check out

  7. originalflavor

    18. Jan, 2008

    good sendin ya’ll.
    that roof looks mad dank sauce!

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