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After visiting the three main sandstone areas in the South (LRC, Rocktown, and HP40) one of the next places we decided to check out is Zahnd. Zahnd is only a 20 min drive from Rocktown, and it lies in the heart of rural Georgia.
A short hike through a nice forest leads to a small cluster of excellent sandstone boulders. The rock here forms some amazing and fantastic shapes.


The best boulder there has one of the best problems in the Southeast, Harvest Moon V8. The problem begins on an obvious jug and some long moves to a perfect sloping edge. From there a three foot blank section is surmounted by a hard throw to an absolutely perfect rounded finishing hold.

Harvest Moon

Scott Gross gettin’ it done

The sit start goes at V10 and is a nice addition for those looking for a greater challenge. It’s obscure and classic problems like these that really make for lasting memories on the trip. I am very psyched to have climbed this problem.
Today we went back to Zahnd and I did The Mantis SDS which is a right finish to Harvest Moon. I also checked out some really nice projects. Tomorrow is a rest day. The camera is back in action so there will be many more pics to come.

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  1. climbingnarc

    12. Jan, 2008

    nice work sg!

    I had never heard about Zahnd before, looks like a cool area. How is the quantity/quality of other problems there?

  2. Lee

    13. Jan, 2008

    Nice work Jamie!

  3. the bpc

    14. Jan, 2008


  4. SG

    22. Jan, 2008

    Nice shot Jamie! I just posted the photos from WalMart. Holla!

  5. joann

    24. Jan, 2008

    duh! i forgot i could follow you guys on b3 ! the photos are incredible, esp. the sandstone and creek shots. this is a high quality website, mr. jamie. looks like many climbers seek your beta, as i review comments.
    enjoy the south, and kiss betty for me!

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