Posted on 11. Jan, 2008 by in The South

The past week has been great and we have been climbing at Rocktown and Zahnd, getting back some fitness. I have been without my photo camera but it is coming soon. We have also been shooting footage for our friend MC at www.momentumvm.com. The best stuff will be on his site for your enjoyment. I have been just cleaning up on some classic Georgia boulders, and I stumbled upon an amazing crimping project at Rocktown, the sit could be V14.

Here is a short video of some nice problems from Rocktown. Angie provides perfect beta on the last problem.

Also check out www.scottygross.blogspot.com, for some more Rocktown sending.

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  1. Andy Mann

    11. Jan, 2008

    Enjoying the updates. I hope you and Angie are enjoying the deep south. Two words: Boiled Peanuts! Get some.
    Looking forward to hearing more from your ventures. Will you be back in Boulder before skating across the big pond?

  2. campusmang

    11. Jan, 2008

    nice flashing emerson

    be safe dog

  3. the bpc

    11. Jan, 2008

    rescue 911 looks to be five stars for sure!

    traylor’s roof looks sweet as well.

  4. mervo

    11. Jan, 2008

    Would appreciate if I could borrow Angie sometime to insure correct beta on all my projects that she has already sent! Thanks for the updates, hope you and Angie are enjoying yourselves. safe travels, SEth

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