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There are some new videos of Mount Evans on the premium page of Momentumvm. Paul Robinson climbing 2 V12s at Mt. Evans, Child Stars and Clear Blue Skies. Check it out if you have the cash.

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  1. peter

    07. Jan, 2008

    you can see this vid in the free access section, it’s just a bit smaller. there’s also a new vid of matt wilder in yosemite up in the free section.

  2. mc

    08. Jan, 2008

    for the cost of 2 lattes a month. hey jamie, you get the camera working? lets see some freshness…

  3. d

    08. Jan, 2008

    2 lattes for their crappy movies? I think I’ll go get some coffee instead.

  4. Adam

    10. Jan, 2008

    regurgitated blogging…how about some content! otherwise this blog will be just like the climbing NARC, where he only talks about stuff that others are already talking about. I can look at other websites if I want to see whats on other websites. Let’s get original people…

  5. chetroy

    12. Jan, 2008

    Rock Climbing is So Awesome, Hey Yea

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