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Unfortunately all is not well in New England. Last night we got hit with 8-10 inches of snow. We managed to keep the topout relatively dry by using a tarp, but it was a cold and steep hike up to the Speed Boulder. Our crash pads (not to mention just about everything else) were soaking wet. Neither Brian or I climbed particulary well today, which culminated in Brian re-injuring his finger. It sounds like a bad injury and he says he won’t climb for the rest of the year. Our trip may be coming to an abrupt end. We will have at least one more day, tomorrow, and I will try to clean up a few things.
In other news, James Pearson is in Boulder and has made the fourth ascent of Trice V12 on Flagstaff Mountain.

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  1. climbingnarc

    14. Dec, 2007

    bummer, hope Brian’s digit feels better soon

  2. climbingnarc

    14. Dec, 2007

    Also, were you guys expecting the weather to be warmer in the Northeast this time of year?? Seems like it has not been very cooperative.

  3. jamie

    14. Dec, 2007

    Apparently it didn’t snow the entire month of December the last two years. We knew it was gonna be cold, but it seems like the snow is a little much. A lot of stores closed early yesterday, so maybe we werent the only ones caught off guard.

  4. Crafty

    14. Dec, 2007

    That is a serious downer. I hope Brian’s finger heals quickly.

    Are you thinking of heading back to CO, then, Jamie?

  5. wade

    15. Dec, 2007

    Hope you finger heals fast as hell Brian, and JE you just found out that James P is in town? I thought you might have known that like a week before James P knew he was coming to colorado? You better step up your updating game.

  6. jbizzle

    15. Dec, 2007

    new england winter climbing is a whole other level of pain tolerance. awesome if your local but not the best time to visit.

  7. jamie

    15. Dec, 2007

    No, just back home before I head to the South.

  8. jamie

    15. Dec, 2007

    We knew the weather could be bad, but we were just really psyched to see a new part of the country, and hoped that maybe the weather would hold out.

  9. neil

    15. Dec, 2007

    hey jamie, sorry to hear about the end of your tour of NE, hope you and brian liked it, CO has had some not so good weather either and with the new storm hitting NE dosnt look so good for the trip back, hope brian’s finger gets better, take it easy

  10. pinto

    15. Dec, 2007

    damn. jamie please share my empathy with Capps. that sucks about his finger. Best wishes for health, weather and power.

  11. Mike James

    15. Dec, 2007

    Been keeping up to date with you guys amazing efforts. Sucks about Brian’s finger and the weather but stay tough tuff guys. Last man standing right Jamie?

    David Lama onsighted new version of Black A-Team

  12. campusman

    15. Dec, 2007


    rest- stop climbing
    ice- as soon as possible for 15 min
    compression- lightly touch it after ice, dont stretch it at all, its a tendon
    elevation- lift it above your heart until its numb

    repeat process over as much as u want.

    you will be back in two months if u do this..you will come back stronger than ever.
    were u guys resting two days for tendons? its hard to stretch cold..

  13. tim m

    15. Dec, 2007

    I’m sorry to hear of brians injury,rice is nice ,comfrey can help make things heal quicker as well. I hope you enjoyed g.b. in spite of the weather next time I’ll have a good camping spot and a tour of the areas other gems. Safe travels, enjoy the south

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