Wintery Weather

Posted on 11. Dec, 2007 by in Updates

Today Brian and I went up to the Speed Boulder, outside of Great Barrington. This time the lip was caked with ice from the storm yesterday and we could only work on the lower moves of problems. Brian climbed very well on his first day on Something From Nothing V12. He was also a hero on the rope, spending a lot of time cleaning and trying to get things into climbable shape. Today was probably the worst conditions we have climbed in all trip. It was cold, wet and all around miserable. However, I did all the moves on Double Down V13 very quickly, and afterwords I did all the moves on Roses and Bluejays V13, minus the move to the lip hold, which had ice on it. Hopefully the weather will clear up this weekend and I will have a chance to do both of these. My motivation is at a nice simmer, waiting to boil over should the skies clear up. We have a little less than two weeks left here in New England.

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  1. peter

    11. Dec, 2007

    This is craziness–come back to CO and stop the snow. There is no way that New England should be climbable and Boulder not be.

  2. tim m

    12. Dec, 2007

    Damn good job! I think I should show you the giant arete project , the innie project and the outie project on the dark side. Equally good quality as the speed boulder, obvious and difficult. Call me in the a.m. if its raining and I’ll give you a brief tour of some of g.b.s other areas. If its nice than I need to continue to put up a roof.

  3. jbizzle

    14. Dec, 2007

    western mass is now blankted in about a foot of snow

  4. jamie

    14. Dec, 2007

    Don’t count us out yet…

  5. tim m

    14. Dec, 2007

    bring your broom? better get dusting off the blocks before the next storm hits on sunday…

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