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Posted on 10. Dec, 2007 by in Updates

The weather continues to shut us down and it has gotten mildly frustrating. It snowed another 2 inches last night, and although we were assured Connecticut was dry, it was not. We spent several hours trying to dry up some nice roof problems. I was impatient and just starting trying Busted Shadow V11. The problem powers out a steep roof on quality rock and culminates with a jump out right to an arete. The arete hold was soaking wet as was the entire finishing slab. Other holds could be dried but would always return to their watery state after a couple of minutes. Conditions were not ideal at all. Our time is limited here and that really motivates me to try hard even under conditions that I would normally just go home. It took me a while to do the moves but with fading light I put it together and managed to send it. My pants were all wet from the knee bar at the end. I also managed to do all the moves on the sit start which is supposed to be a V12 or V13. Psyched to add another state to the list. We are heading to Western Mass. tomorrow before another storm hits on Monday. Here is the video of Busted Shadow.

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  1. Greg

    10. Dec, 2007

    Good job. That is inspiring to see such pure psyche and will applied despite conditions. I was planning on going on Saturday and then that storm hit. The shoreline of CT was dry and sunny and it was hard to justify a trip to Bradley knowing conditions would be grim. Again…inspiring.

  2. Man

    10. Dec, 2007

    you are from colorado, how do you think it cold here

  3. jamie

    10. Dec, 2007

    First of all, I am from Michigan. Second of all, there seems to be some misconception that Colorado is really cold during the winter. You can actually boulder year round in the Front Range, with sunny days and temps in the 40s an 50s throughout the winter. New England is much colder and wetter than Colorado, I can assure you.

  4. chetroy

    10. Dec, 2007

    Nice dude, hope the weather clears for you. The speed boulder in Western Mass. is super dank. Hit up Tim Murdock when you get there, he is the man.

  5. the bpc

    10. Dec, 2007

    re: weather: it all comes down to the sun in colorado. the shade yesterday was about 20 degrees even. in the sun, we were sweating in t-shirts. furthermore, same as the concept of humid heat, the dampness and humidity in the east makes 20 feel much colder than 20 here.

    the bpc: bringing knowledge since ’78

  6. Joe

    18. Dec, 2007

    so how many states have you completed?

  7. jamie

    18. Dec, 2007


  8. campusman

    31. Dec, 2007

    third of all you havent even sent a v10 in michigan
    4th of all i just put up that roof down the river in gl, Territory of the Joker v10/11

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