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With 4 inches of snow on the ground in New Hampshire, Brian and I decided our best bet for today was Lincoln Woods in Rhode Island. Many New Englanders have told us that it is not really worth a visit, however, I was psyched on the history of the area and psyched to try and climb a V10 in Rhode Island. It seemed that Pawtuckaway and Rumney were probably snowed in.
The first area we went to was the Pond Cave, which has many steep, hard lines. We spent the first part of our day there.

Brian Capps sends the Pond Cave Traverse V4

I managed to climb the two V10s (Hueco Nightmares and Gravity Hits) in the roof and finish up with the short but fun Who Needs Hueco V8. I also did a low and long traverse into Gravity Hits called Under the Big Top V11. It was a nice way to start out the day.

Brian was happy to hike up the hill and check out Whitey’s Hard One V9. This problem is mentioned in John Sherman’s Stone Crusade. Its a hard move off of two small crimps. Brian and I both did this quickly as well, and then we both fired the sit-start Corner the Market V10 in a few tries.
Here is a quick video of a couple problems from the Woods.

One final stop was made at Try Again V5. I think this problem is a classic Lincoln Woods testpiece and Brian and I both flashed it. “I kept my foot on”

We had a great day today and it was really fun running around and just enjoying the freedom one has being on the road. It never got above freezing, but we laughed and joked and pulled down hard. An awesome day and while the lines weren’t spectacular and the problems weren’t amazing, today’s stop was worth our time.
For more info, check out Tim Kemple’s Bouldering Guide to New England or

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  1. Joe M.

    06. Dec, 2007

    Glad you guys had fun, but you should have posted up on for a guided tour. The stuff you saw is good, but there is lots of obscure stuff that is better including a V12+ project that has thwarted the attempts of many…

  2. v12+

    07. Dec, 2007

    is a misnomer

  3. peter b

    07. Dec, 2007

    Jamie Did you mean “Try Again”? I remember doing that problem almost twenty years ago on a lightning visit to the park. Amazing fortitude in the NE winter–way to go

  4. jamie

    07. Dec, 2007

    oops your right! unfortunately the snow just keeps coming….

  5. Tucker

    07. Dec, 2007

    when are you heading to Swissy?

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  7. campusmanq

    08. Dec, 2007

    je- u r sick. can u flash v11/8a now ?

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