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Brian and I have arrived in Raymond, NH to check out Pawtuckaway for the first leg of our New England trip. Everything is soaking wet due to the torrential rains the last few days. We have hiked around and seen everything, and there are several problems that clearly standout. Child of the Storm is very cool, reminiscent of No More Greener Grass, and on the same boulder, Sit and Deliver is outsanding as well. The setting for Pawtuckaway is gorgeous and the weather today was sunny and brisk. More updates will soon follow as things dry out.
Also check out the very nice footage of my ascent of Trice V12 now up on www.momentumvm.com It’s in the free videos.

5 Responses to “Update”

  1. Harry R

    28. Nov, 2007

    Damn right. Psyched for you both. Get it all done! Hit me up if you need any info, people, etc.

  2. campusman

    28. Nov, 2007

    7 vidz per day of the week again plz

  3. DT

    28. Nov, 2007

    Are you rolling through Boston?

  4. jamie

    29. Nov, 2007

    I am gonna do what I can to visit you while I am here. Hit me up with an email and we can make plans.

  5. tim m

    29. Nov, 2007

    I can tell you where to see some great problems in g.b. If you need a place to camp I have land for a tent .send me an email at getagrip@bcn.net

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