Red Feather

Posted on 18. Nov, 2007 by in Red Feather Lakes

Today was the first day I had off from work, the first day of my extended road trip and my last day in Colorado for a while. We went to Red Feather for a great day of bouldering with some of our Ft. Collins friends. Ben Scott lead the way. We all climbed a bunch of great problems and goofed around with some really fun rock jumps. Angela and I both managed the classic Alfoni Roof V9/10. This was put up by Jeremy Bisher a few years back and lies deep in the woods, well off the established hunting pathways. A great way to start things off right. Here is Angela on the first female ascent.

The Alfoni Roof

6 Responses to “Red Feather”

  1. Crafty

    18. Nov, 2007

    Noice! puttin the hammer down.

  2. Max

    18. Nov, 2007

    jaimerson, how soon will you be in new england?

  3. thevealchop

    19. Nov, 2007

    That girl is climbing hard. Wicked.

  4. ct

    20. Nov, 2007

    It was inspiring watching you two take that problem apart. Beautiful work!

  5. jamie

    21. Nov, 2007

    The Monday following Thanksgiving.

  6. Max

    21. Nov, 2007

    myspace me with your plans when you get here…i would love to meet up with you guys. safe travels.

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