World Cup Coming to Colorado

Posted on 13. Nov, 2007 by in News

The first World Cup in 20 years will be at the Teva Mountain Games 2008 in Vail. The Games are June 4-8. It sounds like Ann-Worley and Mike Moelter of USA Climbing have put in alot of hard work to make this a reality. Their tireless efforts to make this happen have paid off. Nice work guys! There has been some grumbling in the past year or so about the ABS and USA Climbing from some of the less appreciative elite. Maybe the $100,000 cash prize will have them singing a different tune.

Checkout for details on how to qualify and register

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  1. campusman

    13. Nov, 2007

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!11111 i will compete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. climbingnarc

    13. Nov, 2007

    Jamie, do you know if you will still be able to set for the comp or are there specific setters for the World Cup comps??

  3. Rolson

    13. Nov, 2007

    I think the 100,000+ purse is for the other events too. Last year they advertised a 100,000 purse and climbing got 14,000 of that.

  4. jamie

    13. Nov, 2007

    World Cups usually pay out 20,000 as far as I know, and I would guess that would be for Bouldering Difficulty only.

  5. Nick

    13. Nov, 2007

    “There has been some grumbling in the past year or so about the ABS and USA Climbing from some of the less appreciative elite”

    I would have to disagree with that because that comment, if I happen to be right, which I’m not sure about, is based only on one person’s opinion right after the same event this year.

  6. jamie

    13. Nov, 2007

    Nick, you acted with class as always. More than one did not.

  7. jay-san

    14. Nov, 2007

    the official WC event brings their own route setters, both for bouldering and routes. Usually the bouldering team is lead by Jacky Godoffe and i suspect theyll send Francois Legrand and a team of drones out to the US for the routes. from what ive gathered the last few WC events paid about 4000 euro to the winner then half for each subsequent position, throughout the top six (?). for those trying in the bouldering event: start some tech training and make sure theres enough endurance as the last two years have proven that competing in the WCB event means that enduro climbing is as much a factor as raw power.

  8. Nick

    14. Nov, 2007

    Well, count me in!!! I’ll be there as part of the Colombian team

  9. Rolson

    14. Nov, 2007

    It would be neat to see some U.S. setting at a world cup event. The technical nature of other world cups makes them pretty boring to watch. Maybe Teva could be a more spectator friendly world cup.

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