Mammut Bouldering Championships

Posted on 11. Nov, 2007 by in News

Were in Boston this weekend. Here are the results.

1. Paul Robinson
2. Rob DAnastasio
3. Ryan Olson
4. Carlo Traversi
5. Ryan Roden

1. Alex Puccio
2. Sydney McNair
3. Sasha Diguilian
4. Dana Riddle
5. Fransesca Metcalf

Boulder represented very well with 4 of the top 5 in the mens and the Womens Champion. Congrats to Alex Puccio on her contiunued success as well as Paul Robinson and Ryan Olson who stepped up his game. This weekend was very chill for me. I went to the Poudre on Sat. and did on old thing I had tried called Twilight SDS V10/11. Clayton Reagan did the FA in 2004 as I recall. I had tried it one day last spring. We crossed the river and of course I fell in. It got dark quickly and the head lamps and lanterns came out. It took me a while to clean off the top. I reclimbed the crux moves and then sent it second try from the start. We hiked out in the dark shuffling four huge pads across the icy, knee deep river. I have one more week of work and then I am off to the Red River Gorge to finish off on old project and then back home for Thanksgiving. After that I leave with Brian Capps for almost 4 weeks in New England. We will be headed to Pawtuckaway, Rumney, GB, The Hideaway and anywhere else people will show us. Some of the problems I look forward to seeing are Child of the Storm, The Fly, Something From Nothing, Brothers Keeper etc etc.

New update. Boulder local Ty Landman has made quick work of The Swarm V13 or V14 in Bishop. He also finished off Direction V13 and Xavier’s Roof V12/13, a new problem put up by Tony Lamich. Nicely done. Ty is only there for a quick four day weekend.

7 Responses to “Mammut Bouldering Championships”

  1. jbizzle

    11. Nov, 2007

    well your in western mass you might want to checkout farley ledges its much larger and nicer than the hideaway and there are plenty of very difficult problems. theres directions on although no guide exists im sure some one will show you around.

  2. big poppa chosscrush

    12. Nov, 2007

    je: do ‘speed of life’… a dg problem.

    coolest problem i’ve seen in a long time [though only have seen in photos]

  3. andy salo

    12. Nov, 2007

    Yo man..If you need any other New England info drop me a line…I would highly recommend checkin out farley (mentioned above) and bradley as well…And if you feel like venturing further south the gunks is a sure bet…

    Hopefully I would be able to give you a tour of the areas you are interested in…

  4. jbizzle

    13. Nov, 2007

    i would definatly do speed of life its probubly the coolest problem i have seen in the east. its a big 25 foot tall perfect 45 degree wall with another boulder as a landing that also has great problems. this is at farley. its ultra classic.

  5. Steve

    14. Nov, 2007

    Jamie-you doing climbing @ grand ledge while you’re home? It would be sweet to meet ya there and pick your brain on lines…Adam clues me in when he’s around, Dave’s memory seems to be a little fuzzy and Michael…well you know michael. Either way, you’re an inspiration and keep on truckin.

  6. jamie

    14. Nov, 2007

    I dont have plans to, but it is a possiblity.

  7. tim m

    22. Nov, 2007

    give me a shout when you hit g.b. I have land to camp on and I’ll hook you up with a tour of more high quality bouldering than you could do in a lifetime.

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