Chris Sharma on NPR

Posted on 02. Nov, 2007 by in News

Here is a little article from NPR about Chris Sharma that is mildly entertaining.

Also has released some extra footage from King Lines. The highlight of this is Dave Graham’s redpoint of Realization. Worth the wait for the download.

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  1. chuffer

    03. Nov, 2007

    This may be unfashionable to say, but it seems to me that some of the up-and-comers who would like to enjoy a career as a pro climber, regardless how talented they are, could learn a thing or two from Chris and I’m not talking about rock climbing here. Twelve years after watching him explode onto the scene, I am still profoundly struck by his humility, deference, and the respect he gives when he is talks to other climbers and even more importantly non-climbers. It is obvious that Chris is thankful that he lives the life he does.

    Would Chris Sharma make fun of RMNP tourists who asked “What in the world are you carrying on your back?” I think not.

  2. Jeff

    03. Nov, 2007


    This is off topic and I am sorry for that. My friends and I are looking for a good light to use to light up a large section of a boulder so we can have a night session without relying on head lamp lights. Are there any lanterns or spotlights you have used that you would recommend? Thanks for any help.

  3. jamie

    04. Nov, 2007

    I regularly use a standard Coleman Latern. When we were hiking up to the park, it is really bulky, especially with a second propane tank, which we often took. It does provide a nice amount of light though. I think the run about 35$ at a hardware store.

  4. Jeff

    04. Nov, 2007

    Awesome. Thanks so much for the beta

  5. gabor

    26. Nov, 2007

    the king lines footage isnt daves redpoint of realization, just a link. they had already left when dave did it.

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