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Moraine Park

Posted on 26. Oct, 2007 by in RMNP


Yesterday I went to Moraine Park with Olson and Angela. We met up briefly with Seth Allred and Chad Greedy and then later with Matt Tschol and Andre DeFelice. Moraine Park is also known as Arch Rocks. It is a mile hike from the Fern Lake Trail head on a flat trail along a gorgeous creek. There is a massive talus field of polished granite and a comparitively small number of problems. About a month or so ago Harry put up a very nice problem called Both Sides of The Spectrum V12. This problem revolves around a very poor sloper. It was a little warm for the slick granite there and I managed to split my tip badly. There seems to be some question of the grade and from what I could gather it doesn’t feel near the difficulty of the other established V13s in the Park. This was my second day on the problem. The first day I did the long move to the sloper maybe 10 or 12 times and fell rocking up on my foot in a steady snow. Olson and I had a good laugh when we shined the lantern on the sloper and there was water all over it.
I did manage the possible second ascent of an old Tommy Caldwell contrivance. Nick Sagar had told me it was V11, but it didn’t feel so bad and I did it fairly quickly. Instead of having another unnamed problem, Olson and I took the liberty of giving it a name, The Werewolf V10, in honor of the full moon. This problem is very contrived, and any repeats should follow Ryan’s hand sequence. Here is a quick video of him getting the third ascent.

In other news, it sounds like Carlo Traversi has been putting a lot of effort into Trice and is very close. Will this become the problem of the week, or return to obscurity? It will be interesting to hear what comes of it if he does the problem.

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  1. Nick

    26. Oct, 2007

    Yayyy! You updated. When you don’t update the world comes to chaos

  2. wade david

    26. Oct, 2007

    Switching to HD now JE, got my old Camcorder on Craigslist, Interested in buying it? It comes with alot of stuff.

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