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It’s Official

Posted on 19. Oct, 2007 by in News

Starting after Thanksgiving, Angela and I will be traveling for an extended period. I will be headed to New England (Rumney, Pawtuckaway etc) to start things off, and then after Christmas we will be in the South (LRC, HP40, etc) followed by either Hueco or Bishop. This will all be a warm up for two months in Europe, where we will spend most of our time in Switzerland and Font. Upon our return to the States we will finish up at either Priest Draw or Joe’s Valley. To say that I am psyched would be an understatement. I will be doing everything I can to update the site with pictures and video.

A nice lip traverse in Ticino, CH

16 Responses to “It’s Official”

  1. Crafty

    19. Oct, 2007

    Nice! enjoy your trip. Also, happy birthday.

  2. chuffer

    19. Oct, 2007

    Well then … looks like we need to start trekking up to Trice with some regularity. Psyched for your EXTENDED trip and seeing fotos from all over the freakin’ place.

  3. motze

    19. Oct, 2007

    enjoy jour trip in swiss….
    this nice lip traverse is also known as Dreamtime… good luck!
    mo from italy

  4. DT

    19. Oct, 2007

    JE, congratulations on this step. I know the Europe (where’d they get that name anyway) trip has been in the cards for some time now, you’ll have a great time. You’re continuing to cement your life around your passion, and that always brings a smile to my face (as I’m sure it does your’s as well).

  5. big poppa chosscrush

    19. Oct, 2007

    so freaking awesome! super jealous and incredibly excited for you both.

    please force angie to start an incognito spray sheet so we can track her crushing as well as your own… perhaps, we can even get a gambling ring going on what will go down next and which one of you will do it first. will kemple or k-lad or others be meeting up w/ you cats to keep our magazines up to date? will you be trying to repeat any euro-holloway unrepeated eurohomecrag climbs? tony lamiche’s site has good photos. wanna ride bikes? do you have a ticklist already made up for each area and each contingent area for wet or dry weather? do you need my help in creating such lists and contingent lists? will campusmang be able to cope with a lack of updates if you cannot update? will i? does olson check email ever anymore? do you think bishop is more aesthetic than hueco? i do. do you think hueco’s rock is bettar? i cannot opine. rumney looks soooooo wicked. i’d actually tie in there… there and the red…. the red was my first climbing trip… i halucinated that there was a bear in the road on the last hour of driving at 2am after bouldering in ontario that morning…. that is true… when my friend took over driving he hit a deer. taht is also true. the goats next door woke us up early. there are many goats and sheep in swizzy, i believe. there is grass there to eat, unlike colorado and my back yard in particular. i’d rather go to rocktown and hp-40 than hueco. both look amazing. priest draw is small but really really cool. your time at font will not necessairly help you there. flappers on the sides of your fingers like woah. weird. do you want to take my boot of doom with you so it can see the world? do you need to use euro plug converters in new england?

    this trip will be a good thing. a grand thing.

  6. Stikkit

    19. Oct, 2007


    Nice trip you will do!! Good Luck!

    Question: Why you don’t come in Quebec (Canada)??

  7. jamie

    19. Oct, 2007

    is there good bouldering in quebec? if there is I would love to check it out.

  8. campusman

    19. Oct, 2007

    jamie, do you think u could do dreamtime?

  9. peter b

    19. Oct, 2007

    I would be psyched on taking a half year off as well but alas the need to earn a paycheck nullifies that aspiration. Enjoy!

  10. Max

    20. Oct, 2007

    jaime, let me know the dates you will be in the NE so we can rocklimb…

  11. big poppa chosscrush

    22. Oct, 2007

    jamie: re: inquiry: drtopo’s site and jason kehl’s site have both had a few different videos from val david and other misc. quebec areas with amazing granite… check those sites out [though the videos may all be and jason’s site merely links over to it?].

  12. cardboard_dog

    26. Oct, 2007

    Hey man, I’d love to meet up with you guys at P-tuck. Whaddya think??

  13. jamie

    26. Oct, 2007

    I’d be psyched of course, the more the merrier. where are you living now?

  14. cardboard_dog

    28. Oct, 2007

    I’m in Dirty Jersey. The ‘rents have a lake house in Plymouth which is about an hour from P-tuck so it would be nice to put it to good use. Thinking about hitting Rumney too? Or is this strictly bouldering? Because I hear Great Barrington is rad.

  15. jbizzle

    29. Oct, 2007

    if your heading to new england dont just chill in new hampshire theres plent of great bouldering in western mass and rhode island etc

  16. Linus

    30. Oct, 2007

    One month so far in Font and only four days of rain!!!

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