Jaws II

Posted on 15. Oct, 2007 by in News

Vasya Vorotnikov has climbed the Dave Graham route Jaws at Rumney on the Waimea Wall. His is the first repeat after a crucial hold broke and he has suggested the grade of 5.15a (he has also changed the name to Jaws II). If the grade sticks this will be the hardest route east of the Mississippi, and only the second possible .15a in the country. The other is Tommy Caldwell’s Flex Luthor at the Fortress near Rifle, CO.

DG on Jaws

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  1. Max

    16. Oct, 2007

    a bit more info: not one but a lot of the key holds have broken, resulting in two boulder problems around V12 in the middle of the route (from what i have heard)…the higher of these two cruxes involves either a huge double dyno or a slightly smaller dyno off a s@#$ sidepull. also, the terrible undercling pocket on the China Beach part (at the end of the route) was soaking wet during the send…GNAR!!

  2. wade david

    16. Oct, 2007

    JE you are way to obsessed with climbing

  3. rjtrials

    16. Oct, 2007

    Didnt Vasya and Zeb fall @ the wet hold last spring?

    Props to Vasya for sticking with it. Long term projects are so psychologically hard!


  4. Max

    17. Oct, 2007

    i did hear that Vasya fell in the upper China Beach section sometime last year, so i am assuming it was there. but yeah. that is super proud.

  5. jacob

    28. Oct, 2007


  6. jbizzle

    30. Oct, 2007

    also he didnt techniclly change the name to jaws2 that was just what it was reffered to while it was a project. or it was called broken jaws.

  7. jamie

    30. Oct, 2007

    I’m not sure what counts “technically” or not, but Vasya has it as “Jaws II” on his 8a.nu scorecard

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