The Automator

Posted on 07. Oct, 2007 by in RMNP

This fall I have scraped my previous plans due to lack of time outside. I have decided to put all of my effort into the Automator V13. The Automator was put up in 2000 by Dave Graham. It has 11 ascents to my knowledge. The crux move revolves around a very hard move off of a slopey pinch. In the past I have always felt this was just too hard for a serious effort but this year it has felt more and more doable. Conditions have finally gotten good and my beta has been refined. Saturday I went there feeling fresh and psyched and gave it my best effort yet. Here is a quick clip of my best three goes from the start. More often than not bouldering is about failure and it wouldn’t be a proper hard problem if I didn’t fall off the end a few times. Chad Greedy knows just how it feels.

The Face of Failure

4 Responses to “The Automator”

  1. campusman

    07. Oct, 2007

    focus on your left foot more?

  2. Eliott

    10. Oct, 2007

    haha. Hope you get the send before the snow comes. PULL DOWN THAT RIG!!

    BTW, theres a decent steve woods vid on of Daniel sending it when he was like 15 maybe? You could probably gleen some decent beta, not that you need it, but ya never know!

  3. campusman

    10. Oct, 2007

    try the other beta? also you are not pinching..

  4. Harry Robertson

    12. Oct, 2007

    you will do it, good effort…. this weekend, what do you say, lets fight through the bitter cold.

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