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Horsetooth Hang

Posted on 25. Sep, 2007 by in Updates

The Horsetooth Hang is this Saturday and I will be heading up with Ryan Olson and Tyler Landman to help with a Five Ten Shoe Demo and a little rock climbing. Paul Robinson will be doing a slide show. Check out the website at

Scotty French on Cheathook V8

Wednesday, weathering permitting, I will head back up to the park and start trying to get fit again for what I hope is an extended fall season. Last year, my last day was October 24th, and I postholed up to lower Chaos, got warmed up and sent my project Secret Splendour. Two years ago it was Oct. 31st. The conditions were incredible. There were 30 mile an hour winds and the temperature was in the mid 30s. That day I climbed one of the best problems in Colorado, Nuthin but Sunshine. Hopefully, I will have a few of those days in the coming weeks.

11 Responses to “Horsetooth Hang”

  1. campusman

    25. Sep, 2007

    Does meat hook start matched on under cling?, grade consensus? v11

    can u do it?

  2. campusman

    25. Sep, 2007

    JE WILL SEND the Meathook at the Hang, JE go there once before the comp to work it, rest for tendons before the comp…keep my secrets…you better post this. hahaha

  3. big poppa chosscrush

    25. Sep, 2007


  4. Nick

    25. Sep, 2007

    Hook it up with a ride to The Hang. I dont wanna drive by myself


    25. Sep, 2007

    I believe that is Corey French? Could be wrong though

  6. wade david

    25. Sep, 2007

    v8 matched underclings

  7. jamie

    25. Sep, 2007

    Corey prefers to be called Scotty.

  8. thevealchop

    26. Sep, 2007

    And I prefer to be called “Clip Switch 2000”

  9. Crafty

    26. Sep, 2007

    probably see you there. Tswole wants to hit up wildcat.

  10. lynnatron

    26. Sep, 2007

    Wow, last year we were climbing well into late December in MN…I guess altitude has a bit to do with that….

  11. campusman

    29. Sep, 2007

    ???how was it???

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