Posted on 20. Sep, 2007 by in Updates

This fall has been far busier than I had planned and I have had a hard time getting outside.

Last year at this time I was climbing outside four sometimes five days a week. Today I climbed on the Automater V13 for the first time in what seemed like forever. I decided to return to the cross over beta, did the last move 4 or 5 times, and fell here the same amount of times from the start. If I can ever get out again and get some cold weather I would love to finish this.

In other news, Harry Robertson added a new V13 in Moraine Park called Both Sides of the Spectrum. It has quickly been repeated by both Paul Robinson and Dave Graham, who suggests it maybe easier. This was an obvious project that was often referred to as the “Karma Project” It is a very nice line on quality rock. There are now several problems in the double digit range including an unrepeated V11 put up by Tommy Caldwell many years ago.

I have been in the process of putting a bunch of footage together for a DVD which I will make available around Christmas time. That is all for now.

Update: Sounds like both Ty Landman and Tony Lamiche have made one day ascents. A two move V13 should be very, very hard. Does this fit the bill? Only time will tell. Lamiche has suggested V10.

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